Top 5 Breweries from Jupiter to Miami This post is going to take a rather different form. We’re going to give you a “Best of” style post to better align your east coast Florida trip. And in order for us to get to the east coast from Tampa we had to traverse the middle of Florida. It’s a rather arduous journey full of well, not a whole lot to see or do. If you’re looking for eats between Tampa and Jupiter, you’re best bet is stopping at the Desert Inn and Restaurant in the little town of 240 people known as Yeehaw Junction (yes, this is a real place!). In hindsight, there may have been a faster route but we had to stop here just because of the towns name; beerventuring isn’t just about beer after all. When you’ve finally made it to Jupiter, you will notice that there’s roughly […]

Finally, Florida Finale – Top 5 Breweries from Jupiter to ...

It’s day two of our Canadian beerventure and we figured what better way to start the day that with a real authentic Canadian breakfast before we get to the beer! Timmy’s Tim Horton’s (colloquially referred to as Timmy’s) is Canadian fast food chain; and a quintessential part of Canadian life.  If you pass a Timmy’s be sure to stop and get one of their amazing breakfast sandwiches; specifically the Belgian waffle, sausage, egg and cheese.  This calorie loaded monstrosity is similar to the McDonald’s McGriddle, but instead of pancakes for buns it’s buttery, crispy Belgian waffles. Mouthwatering I know.  I sucked down four of these things during our short trip away and I have zero regrets. The Tim Horton’s coffee on the other hand is not part of a breakfast of champions.  It’s weak; really weak. So weak in fact that the Canadians behind the counter seemed either shocked or […]

Canadian Beerventures: Part 2

Flying into Toronto from Newark is relatively easy.  Porter Airlines has you covered with small, puddle jumper prop planes, that literally land right outside the city center on a tiny island that houses the Billy Bishop Airport.  The more frustrating part of flying into Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport is taking the ferry across the lake into the city… It’s about a whopping 100 yards (or 91.4 meters for you Canadian folks) across the lake to the mainland.  We can only imagine this ferry exists because Canada hasn’t invented bridges yet. Naturally being Beerventurers, we could not make a trip easy on ourselves so we headed all the way around the perimeter of Lake Ontario to officially kick off our long weekend. Niagara Brewing Company (Niagara Falls, ON) If you ever go to Niagara falls, take my word and stay stay on the Canadian side.  While the Canadian side is certainly an […]

Canadian Beerventures: Part 1

It’s not all about the beer at Cincinnati.  The zoo and the historic walking tours were great ways to round a trip to the city.  If soccer and football are your thing, take in a FC Cincinnati or Bengals game. As we were out of season, and I’m terrified of heights we opted for an elevator ride to the top of the Carew Tower; the second tallest building in the city.  The Carew Tower is a great way to see the city and the river; which is an ugly brown color. Hope our beer is super purified before we consume it as the Ohio River is one (if not the) most polluted body of water in the US.   Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (Cininnati, OH) We’ve hit Rock Bottoms before, so we’re just going to cruise through this review.  This is a chain brewpub that is loosely controlled by […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 8 (the end!)