So far we’re doing really well on staying on top of things here. #jokes. But I’m trying to catch us up even if it means slightly abbreviated reviews. But these come with handy dandy photospheres so it kind of makes up for it? Anyways, this was back in December for Andrew’s last cyclocross race of the season in northern New Jersey. We figured we’d make a day of it and hop across the border to check out some local breweries. The race was cold and muddy and we wont bore you with details so here’s like two pictures. I lied. That was three. Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery (Warwick, NY) Our first stop of the day was Warwick Valley Winery in Warwick, NY. A winery you may be asking to yourself. But remember that we are equal opportunity alcoholics and Warwick Valley Winery is also to the home of Doc’s […]

Better late than never, mini NY beerventure!

Continuing on from our last post, we still had some beerventuring to do in Mass before heading home.   Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery (Southampton, MA) After our hotel breakfast buffet we said goodbye to the newlyweds and set off for home… Just kidding. We carved our way through Mass back to CT hitting five more breweries.  Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery of Southampton, MA was our first stop on the way home.  This crazy mashup of a restaurant was a Texan themed steakhouse, combined with Irish Pride, with a Greek name and .  Since we had already eaten breakfast we went straight for the beer, which was a fancy looking flight of six. In order from least favorite to most we had the Red Rock Red Ale, Citra Hop IPA, King Oat Milk Stout, Honesty 47 Pale Ale, Kix Brew Pale Wheat Ale with a slice of lemon, Berliner Weisse.  The […]

Ten Breweries and a Wedding (part 2)

There is a point in time when a young person realizes that they are no longer as invincible as they once were. For Kait, Melissa and I, day 3 of Philly was that day. As I laid in bed trying to piece together last night by revisiting our excellent time at Eulogy, a strong desire to vomit uncontrollably was the only thing that had come to mind. But we’re still youngish and we held that sh*t in like champs. Our shower game was weak and slow, our breakfast game was practically non-existent and our fridge leftovers sadly didn’t make it back into the car before we left our hotel in a hazy state of mind as headed to the first brewery of the day. Yeah, we’re not done Philly. Round 3 – Fight. Dock Street Brewing Company Now we’ve hit breweries in the ghetto before and during this trip, but […]

All Aboard the Struggle Bus. Philly Day 3

We’re back with our late but better than never recap of our Philly trip! On Day 2 of 3, we finally make it to Philly. On Saturday, we decided to do some of the more touristy things in the morning before the breweries open for the day. It’s good to note that a lot of the Philly breweries are open late which makes marathon beerventuring possible! But anyways, if you’re only interested in beer you may want to skip this section. If not, let’s go! Our first stop of the morning was the Liberty Bell. We debated on whether or not to stop here, but in the end, freedom won again! I am a fan of both history and America so this was a fun stop and we probably should have gone through independence Hall because ya know, this is where America happened. But we pressed on quickly as we […]

Philly Adventures Day 2

Since Andrew moved to Jersey last year we’ve been talking about doing a Philly trip. It’s only a two hour drive and there are so many great breweries in the area. Somehow we never got around to it, until we finally just said this weekend let’s go. So I did my usual map building, route planning, and researching. I asked my favorite facebook beer drinkers, reddit and instagram what we had to visit. Technically, I knew our answer was going to be all the breweries but it’s nice to get other people’s opinions. Because we decided to go kind of last minute all the hotels in City Center were ridiculously expensive so we settled on the Holiday Inn at Cherry Hill to be our base and drive/uber our way from there. (Although looks like Philly and Uber/Lyft are not friends anymore so good timing us!)   Anyways, we’ll split this […]

Philly Adventures Part 1

Every now and then, one of us gets the opportunity to beerventure when the other doesn’t. In the event we’re separated, our individual beerventure does not count towards our official brewery count and thus aren’t subject to my usual brewery ratings. #CoupleorBust. This was one such case. I was coming back from a bachelor party in Bahstan, Massachusetts with my buddy Nate when we decided, what the hell there is beer to be had. So with half-failing kidneys and livers, we decided to hit four beer filled stops along 95. Dorchester Brewing Company, or DBco, is another baby in the ever expanding family of small breweries; just opened in July, 2016. This 25,000 sq foot operation is a rather large baby. In addition to making their own beer, DBco is also a fully operational contract brewing facility. If you’re concerned about quality issues often faced by new breweries, let me […]

The Beerventure that wasn’t