It’s not all about the beer at Cincinnati.  The zoo and the historic walking tours were great ways to round a trip to the city.  If soccer and football are your thing, take in a FC Cincinnati or Bengals game. As we were out of season, and I’m terrified of heights we opted for an elevator ride to the top of the Carew Tower; the second tallest building in the city.  The Carew Tower is a great way to see the city and the river; which is an ugly brown color. Hope our beer is super purified before we consume it as the Ohio River is one (if not the) most polluted body of water in the US.   Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (Cininnati, OH) We’ve hit Rock Bottoms before, so we’re just going to cruise through this review.  This is a chain brewpub that is loosely controlled by […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 8 (the end!)

The last two stops of the day in this quadrant of Cincinnati are Mt. Carmel Brewing and Little Miami Brewing Company.   Mt. Carmel Brewing Company (Cincinnati, OH) About 6 miles off the direct path to Little Miami, and on a man-made pond sits one of the more chill breweries we visited on this trip.  The outside had a winery (or even golf course) feel, but the inside was clearly a brewery vibe. We recommend visiting on a cool summers night for full effect.   Our flight of five didn’t break any new ground or boundaries; but nevertheless we enjoyed the clean beers, on the warm night.  From least to most enjoyed we had the White IPA, Queen Bee, the Gambler, and the Coffee Brown Ale. Obviously that was only four, as we had some disagreement over the Hibiscus Blueberry Blonde Ale.   The White IPA was supposed to have […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 7

With the exception of one, our next five breweries were all in a row.  If you’re planning a Beerventure in Cincy; Streetside, Bad Tom, Fifty West and Little Miami are all in a straight shot, and you can earn a bonus stop at Mt Carmel if you have time.   Streetside Brewery (Cincinnati, OH) Away from the bustle, Streetside Brewery offers a much calmer brewery atmosphere when directly compared with Rhinegeist.  Solid music selections, diverse beer selection and the unique choice to have light brights at the tables made for a relaxing afternoon. There were 20 taps available for consumption and we grabbed some of the bartender recommended: Upside Down, S’More Fun Together, GRL PWR and Danky McDankerson.   Upside Down was supposed to be a maple syrup, cocoa nibs and vanilla stout brewed in collab with Platform Brewery (Cleveland Ohio); but it ended up being rather bitter and not […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 6

Every trip we partake on is usually comprised of two things:  Animals and Alcohol. These trips to the zoo help to balance our crazy increase in carb consumption with a lengthy, rigorous walk.  Also, who doesn’t love zoos? Some cities offer more historic venues, or centers of education such as museums, which we substitute when there are no zoos to be had.  However, Cincinnati (of all places) happens to be home to a brewery scene that is steeped in rich history and tradition. Crazy right?   The Brewing Heritage Trail of Cincinnati, OH (http://brewingheritagetrail.org/tours) has several guided walking tours of significant breweries from beer barons long passed. As of this publication, there are 6 different walking tours and several options for private tours.  The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and the underground beer cellars they have access to are extremely interesting. This tour is certainly worth your time (even if […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 5

MadTree Brewing (Cincinnati, OH) It’s day 3 of our Ohio Trip and on the schedule we have 9 breweries and one tour.  So we got off to an early start with MadTree Brewing which opened promptly at 10 am.  Inside this overwhelmingly large brewpub was seating for an army, a huge beer garden with more seating, a private party room, a fun dollar toss charity game and a scenic overview of their production floor.  MadTree also has their own food truck for the street meat fans. The scale of the facility was equally matched by the scale of their draft system; 32 taps which included their house brews and sodas.  As it was our first brewery of the day, we went with a flight of 6: Boysen the Hood, RADicalize IT, Rubus Cacao, Entropic Theory, Dreamsicle and Yes! Cuban B!   Boysen the Hood was a beautiful purple color but […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 4

March First Brewing (Cincinnati, OH) The last two stops of the night were polar opposite in terms of atmosphere.  March First being a quiet, low key brewpub and the second (Fretboard Brewing Company) being an all out rage fest brewpub.  In addition to being a brewpub, the trendy, garage styled, March First also had a fully stocked liquor bar with locally sourced spirits and wines.   March Firsts name originated from the day the state of Ohio was founded; March 1, 1803.  And this brewpub pays it’s respect to the great state of Ohio through craft beer and cider.  If there has been one consistent on our trip thus far, is that the people of Ohio take pride in their state. On our flight we chose three beers and one cider.  The March First Session IPA, the Denali IPA, and the Ohio Pilsner representing the beer and the Airheads Green […]

Cincinnati Beerventures Part 3