We finally made it to Virginia and now it’s time to experience the local beer! First on our agenda is checking out the breweries of Virginia Beach. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Of course we can’t spend all week just visiting breweries. They don’t even open until noon! So one of our favorite activities other than beerventuring is visiting zoos, aquariums and other places where we can look at cute animals. On our agenda today was the Virginia Aquarium and it did not disappoint. We could spend hours looking at all the fish and learning about sharks. There’s also an awesome ropes course built in the trees between the two buildings that looked amazing (and went on for days). Definitely worth a stop! Green Flash (Virginia Beach, VA) Widely recognized by the beer community for its top-class Californian beer, Green Flash Brewing Co. has sneakily made its way to […]

Virginia Beach. Breweries minus the beach. Part 1.

Every now and then the stars collide and we’re able to go on a trip that gets partly expensed; this was one such occasion and we made our way to Virginia for beer work. But in all seriousness, plenty of beer work was consumed performed that totally justified our my beercation business trip. And hey, my favorite North Brewery buddy just so happens to just a short distance away from where I would be drinking working. The trip down to VA can either be one of scenery, tolls and cops or crashes, tolls and cops. So we chose scenery, tolls and cops on the way down by taking 95 to 113 through Delaware and oh hey a brewery. So on our way down to Kale’s we got to stop at two new to us Maryland breweries. Burley Oak Brewing Company (Berlin, MD) Burley Oak Brewing Company of Berlin, MD was […]

Road trip to Virginia, First Stop Maryland Breweries