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Welcome to part two of our two part Savannah breweries post.  This is just one part of a four part trip down to Georgia.  You can read Savannah part one here as well as check out our Hilton Head Island excursion here and Melissa’s must read Savannah Banana baseball attendance guide here. Trees & a Graveyard When you head to Savannah, be sure to make time to visit the Wormsloe Historic Site  and go see some awesome trees. Yes, it may sound crazy but the historic site has a road of well-manicured Live Oak trees with hanging Spanish moss.  While photos of the site are gorgeous, they do little justice to the actual brilliance of driving or walking down the road under these trees on a cool summer morning.  There is also a museum and walking trails displaying early settler life, which is also super interesting so be sure to […]

Savannah Breweries (pt 2)

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We’re going to wrap up the remaining 17 (yes 17!) Austin breweries by doing another Top 5 post because it’s now October and we’re horrible writers.  So, just to clarify, this is a Top 5 Austin Breweries post, but only of the remaining breweries.  We’re getting less and less consistent, aren’t we?  So in no specific order, here’s the last part of our Texas beerventure. Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches is a family owned bakery, brewery and bottle shop that was only doing can pours out in the biergarten during our time in Austin.  That wasn’t a huge problem for us as their biergarten is massive and dog friendly.  The only drawback was that we had to limit ourselves to just two cans of beer out of the wonderful array of choices. It was a tough decision, but we settled on the Prickle and Wa […]

Top 5 Breweries of Austin, TX – Kind of

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In true Beerventurer fashion, we’re far behind on our posts so we’re going to give a Top 5 Breweries of San Antonio – just like BuzzFeed would do.  Yeah, we’re totally phoning this one in, sorry guys. The City of San Antonio was founded by Spanish Missionaries in 1718 and was a tiny little outpost back in the day.  In 2021, San Antonio is now a sprawling and bustling city boasting over 1.5 million residents with various cultural and historic landmarks such as The Alamo and the (much) newer River Walk.  You’re probably asking yourself, how did we end up nearly an hour and a half south of Austin?  Well, San Antonio is home to 16 breweries so lets go over our Top 5 picks in no specific order. Back Unturned Brewing Co. Back Unturned Brewing Co. is a full service brewpub that boasts having the best pizza in San […]

Top 5 Breweries of San Antonio

Warhead Beer Flight
Unified Beerworks After our stop at Arrowood Farms, we made our way up towards Saratoga Springs Our next stop was Unified Beerworks in Malta, NY.  As with many breweries we’ve visited, especially those outside of cities, Unified is located in the heart of an industrial park; just follow the signs that say Beer!  Unified can be described as a well oiled machine in terms of covid safety.  Check in first, and then find a clearly marked “clean table” using the Green (and conversely Red) table markers. We found ourselves at two stools at the bar which is our preferred seating at most breweries; exceptions being breweries with great views or lively beer gardens. After ordering our mandatory Cuomo snacks, we our traditional flight of four. The Way of the Sword DIPA, Brass Knucked Ballerina NEIPA, Mostly Elemental Boysenberry gose, and Played Under Protest- Tropical Sour IPA. Surprising no one, my […]

On the way to Saratoga Springs