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Title puns are clearly click-bait and we’re ok with that here at Beerventurers.  So now that we have your slightly divided attention, let’s discuss the hill country breweries just west of Austin.  There are several options for beer out in hill country, and we hit many of the best, but we unfortunately did miss a few.  If you have enough time in Austin, you really need to plan a trip out into the hills.  Jester King Brewery Going to Austin, we weren’t familiar with many breweries but have heard great things about Jester King so we were excited to add this to our itinerary. Out in the hill country, about 30 minutes from downtown Austin, we attempted to visit twice on our trip and failed twice.  First attempt was our fault- always remember to double check times before showing up.  In this case Google and Facebook conflicted with their websites […]

The Hills have Beers

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A trip to the Zoo During the planning phase of our trips we always do our best to make our beerventures both fun and educational.  If you’ve known us for a while you will know our obsession with zoos and our trip to Texas obviously had to include a trip to the Austin Zoo.  The Austin Zoo isn’t like most regular tourist attraction zoos as this zoo is located a ways out from the city limits and is also a rescue zoo – maybe the first rescue zoo we’ve visited.  All the animals at this zoo have fun (and sometimes sad) back stories as to why they live in the Austin zoo proudly displayed on a placard in front of the exhibit.  One of our favorite stories from the zoo was the alligator who was brought to the zoo after the family realized an alligator was not a great pet […]

Austin, Animals & Alcohol

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Meanwhile Brewing We absolutely love breweries that have great outdoor spaces.  And as far as outdoor spaces go, Meanwhile Brewing of Austin has one of the best we’ve ever seen.  The large backyard has turf with picnic tables, and even more tables and chairs in a wood chip landscape with a children’s play place in the middle to keep the kids occupied while you sip on some delicious brews while listening to the live music on the stage.  The interior was great too, but in no way compared with the rest of the brewery. Meanwhile wasn’t back to serving flights yet, but the three beers we had at Meanwhile were really solid.  Lonely Mascot (lager), Blue Label (lager) and the Wallbreaker (barrel aged DIPA in Gin barrels).  Out of the three, our favorite was Wallbreaker; the gin barrel aged DIPA hit all the right notes of the gin family that […]

Watch out for Electric Jellyfish

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In traditional Beerventurers fashion we boarded the earliest flight we could grab out of EWR (6am) and made our way to a wonderfully planned but soon to be poorly executed vacation.  Due to our early arrival, no breweries had opened in the great state of Texas yet but there was a Waffle House; another staple in the Beerventurers travel itinerary.  We highly recommend a well portioned breakfast of Waffle House because they’re consistently amazing. The Passport There is an Austin Beer Passport. We completely forgot to get one until we were four stops in.  It’s $5 bucks, but I think the catch is you can only redeem items 1x a year during some sort of party(?).  I’d look into it or just leave your passport with friends if you have any down there. Live Oak Brewing Company After devouring an All Star Special breakfast, we were ready for a day […]

To Texas!

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Delmar, NY On the way to or from Albany, be sure to take a swing by Delmar, NY to hit two great little breweries. Only a mile apart from each other, The Real McCoy Beer Co and The Warbler Brewery serve up a long list of delicious taps. The Real McCoy Beer Co set their roots down in an old mechanics garage (we think) and while the indoor space isn’t much their outdoor beer garden is a massive space with lots of picnic tables and live music. The Real McCoys Beer ranges all the styles, but since it was Melissa’s birthday weekend we focused on two delicious sours; Bravo Whiskey Raspberry and Solid Liquid (sour IPA). The Warbler Brewery is a small, husband and wife run brewery that opened their doors during the mess that is covid. Lucky for us and them, the world is getting back to normal and […]

Delmar, Catskill & Hudson, NY

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BYE-i Traveling down to Albany from Saratoga Springs presents you with two routes. You can either take the direct and fast 87 South all the way down or the longer route through Troy, NY and across the river. Naturally, we took the Troy route and made our first stop in Cohoes, NY at BYE-i Brewing. BYE-i was established in 2019 and has one of the most functional flight paddles we’ve ever come across; no seriously, check out the photos below. Across our flight, the beer at BYE-i was consistently good with the great exception being the 131 Hab; a habanero pale ale. 131 Hab is in our humble opinion the right way to make a habanero beer. The aroma was rich with pepper and there was the perfect amount of heat on the backend. Hab’s pepper profile didn’t crush your palette, but enough is there to say hi and let […]

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