So it’s almost the end of 2017 and our new year’s resolution of timely posts was not met. Surprise surprise. But we did want to document our Florida beerventures in somewhat of a timely fashion. So it will be done by August. I’ll take some of the blame as I decided eh, I kind of hate writing. Whatevs. For some reason we started a blog so I guess I have to write sometimes, Anyways, I was invited for a weekend in Orlando to go to Universal and Disney with a few of my girl friends. Andrew, with his million PTO days decided he didn’t want to stay home so he came up with the brilliant idea of meeting me in Florida and traveling to breweries for a week. Sounds good to me. So after my weekend of theme parks, I needed a vacation from my vacation but as you might […]

Florida Beerventures Part 1- Orlando

Argilla Brewing Co. at Pietro’s Pizza (Newark, DE) Technically our first stop of our Delaware trip was really the last stop of our DC trip. But for convenience sake I’m going to include it in this post. We stopped at Argilla Brewing Co. at Pietro’s Pizza in Newark, DE for some dinner, drinks and to meet up with our friends (and part time guest beerventureres) Nate and Dani. We ordered a couple of pies for the table- ours was the Brewer’s Guild Pie which included chicken, apples, onions, mozzerella and BBQ chipotle sauce. YUM! A little pricey, but a lot of delicious. After a weekend of beer, we decided to split our flight and chose Boogsley’s Pumpkin Ale, Zossimov Imperial Stout, Devil in Nylon Hose Belgian Strong, Sweet Sweetbacks Badass Wheat and Blood Orange Whipped Wit. In a surprising change of pace, we agreed on one beer being the favorite: […]

Delaware and Pennsylvania Beerventures

The problem with traveling on and around any beautiful weekend in the tri-state area is that you’re always met with frustrating levels of traffic. Luckily, various breweries are dotted far enough away from major highways all across the country if you want to dodge the frustration and don’t mind the scenic back roads. Irving Cliff, Here & Now and Buck Hill just so happened to be perfectly in the middle of no-where on the way back home after a short trip upstate. Irving Cliff (Honesdale, PA) The first of two breweries in Honesdale, PA that we stopped at was Irving Cliff. The exterior is a bit misleading because the place looks a bit like a mechanics at a glance but there is now mistaking the huge, well-crafted bar on the inside. It was going to be a bit of a rush day, so we quickly put in an order of […]

The Best Detours are Beer Tours

The morning following our trip to Richmond, VA was indeed a struggle.  We were tired, full and were really torn up about leaving Kyle; won’t see him again until Christmas.  But in traditional Beerventurer fashion, we parted ways and headed to more breweries.  Partly because we missed our window of low-traffic opportunity, but mostly because we still needed to hit Ocelot Brewing Company of Dulles, VA and Lost Rhino Brewing Co. of Ashburn, VA.   Ocelot Brewing Company (Dulles, VA) What many consider to be the pretty-kitty of the animal kingdom, Ocelot Brewing is also the pretty taproom of the brewing kingdom.  The spacious, vaulted tap/brew room is gorgeously decorated and you forget that you’re in an industrial park.  One wall is lined with barrels, the tap system holds a whopping 21 drafts with one nitro tap, and the giant mural of the Grateful Dead Bears is also topnotch.   […]

Final day of Virginia beer!

And here is the last of our Richmond VA beer reviews! Finally! It isn’t often that we’re able to hit so many breweries in a single day, but with hard work, determination and Kyle; anything is possible.  Its starting to get late and both Kyle and Melissa are getting full so we had to make a judgement call to only hit two more breweries.  We chose Strangeways Brewing and The Answer Brewpub; easily the two best breweries of the day/week in our opinions.   Strangeways Brewing (Richmond, VA) Strangeways was certainly where sh*t got strange. The décor in the front taproom was somewhere between a 3rd grade girls bedroom and Melissa’s taste in bedrooms 🙂 But the front room was nowhere near as impressive as the barrel collection in the backroom.  The back is clearly where beer goes to party and get a little weird prior to visiting your flight […]

Conclusion of our One Day Richmond VA Beer Tour

It was a warm Wednesday beerventurer morning and what better way to spend it than by drafting an early morning game plan to visit a new state and three new breweries in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Weeping Radish, Brewing Station and Lost Colony (Full Moon Café) were located within driving distance of Kyle’s house so we figured we would chalk up another state while Kyle was working.   Weeping Radish Farm Brewery (Grandy, NC)   When Uli Bennewitz left Bavaria and immigrated to North Carolina in the early 1980’s it was illegal to brew beer and sell it directly to customers… a terrible idea that was soon rectified through countless hours and hard work with state lawmakers.  After this travesty of a law was corrected, Uli paved the way for the founding of his Bavarian brewpub in Grandy, NC; which opened its doors in 1986 and is the oldest […]

Outer Banks Brewery Tour