It’s day two of our Canadian beerventure and we figured what better way to start the day that with a real authentic Canadian breakfast before we get to the beer! Timmy’s Tim Horton’s (colloquially referred to as Timmy’s) is Canadian fast food chain; and a quintessential part of Canadian life.  If you pass a Timmy’s be sure to stop and get one of their amazing breakfast sandwiches; specifically the Belgian waffle, sausage, egg and cheese.  This calorie loaded monstrosity is similar to the McDonald’s McGriddle, but instead of pancakes for buns it’s buttery, crispy Belgian waffles. Mouthwatering I know.  I sucked down four of these things during our short trip away and I have zero regrets. The Tim Horton’s coffee on the other hand is not part of a breakfast of champions.  It’s weak; really weak. So weak in fact that the Canadians behind the counter seemed either shocked or […]

Canadian Beerventures: Part 2

Inspired by this post, we decided to up the weekend challenge and attack the Hudson Valley in a 10 hours round trip. Now our itinerary isn’t for the beginning beerventurers, and it’s probably best to take your time and enjoy these great stops! But we don’t have a lot of free time, so one day in the Hudson Valley, here we go. It was my birthday weekend and we decided somewhat spontaneously to take a trip up the Hudson Valley to hit some of the breweries we keep hearing about but haven’t gotten to visit. Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY) First up was Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown, NY. Middletown is actually just about the halfway point between my house in Connecticut and Andrew’s in NY so we have both driven through many many times. Unfortunately, Equilibrium popped up just about when Andrew moved to Jersey so the trips on 84/17 were […]

Hudson Valley Beerventures

So far we’re doing really well on staying on top of things here. #jokes. But I’m trying to catch us up even if it means slightly abbreviated reviews. But these come with handy dandy photospheres so it kind of makes up for it? Anyways, this was back in December for Andrew’s last cyclocross race of the season in northern New Jersey. We figured we’d make a day of it and hop across the border to check out some local breweries. The race was cold and muddy and we wont bore you with details so here’s like two pictures. I lied. That was three. Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery (Warwick, NY) Our first stop of the day was Warwick Valley Winery in Warwick, NY. A winery you may be asking to yourself. But remember that we are equal opportunity alcoholics and Warwick Valley Winery is also to the home of Doc’s […]

Better late than never, mini NY beerventure!

In the time since our last blog post, another brewery opened in Hackettstown, NJ. I guess thats the place to be! This one is Czig Meister and conveniently located about a block away from Man Skirt Brewing. The brewer and owner is a former head brewer from Kane so we had high hopes going in that the beer would be delicious. The brewery itself is a beautiful huge space with the bar to accomodate growler fills, pints and flights. We particularly enjoyed Czig Meister’s interpretation of a tour of the brewhouse drawn out on a whiteboard. There’s a lovely outdoor space for relaxing. There was a lot of thought and money put into this brewery and it definitely paid off! But what good is a beautiful brewery without the beer you ask? We ordered a small flight for us of just four but can report that the beer is delicious! […]

New Kids on the Block (Part 2)