Leave it to our friends to host a 1-night camping trip in Rhode Island. But thats ok, there is plenty of beer off I-95 North to be had for our one night. We’ve got four stops on the agenda today and potentially a fifth is time allows. Milford Point Brewing Company (Milford, CT) Conveniently located off exit 40 on I-95 North, in a small industrial park is Milford’s 3-month old brewery. Milford Point Brewing Company of Milford, CT is a tiny 3-barrel brewery that opened on National Beer Day (April 7th). Despite not being able to sell full pints or flights, as there is no customer bathroom on premise, this small brewery has no problem stocking out of beer and according to Chris (brewer/owner). Because they’re not allowed to sell fights yet, the tasting is free for the time being. There are four drafts available, so we “sampled” all four […]

Connecticut Camping Beerventures

Continuing on from our last post, we still had some beerventuring to do in Mass before heading home.   Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery (Southampton, MA) After our hotel breakfast buffet we said goodbye to the newlyweds and set off for home… Just kidding. We carved our way through Mass back to CT hitting five more breweries.  Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery of Southampton, MA was our first stop on the way home.  This crazy mashup of a restaurant was a Texan themed steakhouse, combined with Irish Pride, with a Greek name and .  Since we had already eaten breakfast we went straight for the beer, which was a fancy looking flight of six. In order from least favorite to most we had the Red Rock Red Ale, Citra Hop IPA, King Oat Milk Stout, Honesty 47 Pale Ale, Kix Brew Pale Wheat Ale with a slice of lemon, Berliner Weisse.  The […]

Ten Breweries and a Wedding (part 2)

In the time since our last blog post, another brewery opened in Hackettstown, NJ. I guess thats the place to be! This one is Czig Meister and conveniently located about a block away from Man Skirt Brewing. The brewer and owner is a former head brewer from Kane so we had high hopes going in that the beer would be delicious. The brewery itself is a beautiful huge space with the bar to accomodate growler fills, pints and flights. We particularly enjoyed Czig Meister’s interpretation of a tour of the brewhouse drawn out on a whiteboard. There’s a lovely outdoor space for relaxing. There was a lot of thought and money put into this brewery and it definitely paid off! But what good is a beautiful brewery without the beer you ask? We ordered a small flight for us of just four but can report that the beer is delicious! […]

New Kids on the Block (Part 2)

  We’re always looking for excuses to mix friends with beerventures so when we saw Two Roads was hosting a Winter Classic we were intrigued. Per the event description, there was going to be two new beers, an ice bar, ice sculptures, fire pits, live music and a curling exhibition. The curling is really what sealed the deal, because who doesn’t love curling? And for $10 including the first beer, it wasn’t a bad deal. So this week has been unseasonably warm in Connecticut, which is a stark contrast from last week’s polar vortex. We got the heartbreaking email that the bocce court wouldn’t freeze so there would be no curling. 🙁 So Saturday came and we headed over to Stratford, where I realized I forgot my tickets but we were still good to go. The Winter Classic was held in the Hop Yard next to the brewery. With all […]

Winter Classic at Two Roads

Hello and welcome to our new blog and website! I guess Andrew decided to make things almost legitimate, so goodbye tumblr and hello If you’re here, I’m assuming its because you’re our friends and you’re humoring us in this. So thanks guys! The beginning of 2016 is as good a place to start as any. Maybe I’ll go back one day to the beginning of our travels, but not now. Anyways, we started 2016 with some old favorites, both brewery-wise and friend-wise. After eating our hangover brunch and playing some outdoor new year’s jenga, we headed over to Branford, CT to visit Thimble Island Brewing Company. We first visited Thimble Island back in 2013 and its been great to see them grow each time we’ve been back. They expanded from a tiny garage space to a gorgeous tap room! They also started a great trend of new breweries in […]