crooked can

So it’s almost the end of 2017 and our new year’s resolution of timely posts was not met. Surprise surprise. But we did want to document our Florida beerventures in somewhat of a timely fashion. So it will be done by August. I’ll take some of the blame as I decided eh, I kind of hate writing. Whatevs. For some reason we started a blog so I guess I have to write sometimes, Anyways, I was invited for a weekend in Orlando to go to Universal and Disney with a few of my girl friends. Andrew, with his million PTO days decided he didn’t want to stay home so he came up with the brilliant idea of meeting me in Florida and traveling to breweries for a week. Sounds good to me. So after my weekend of theme parks, I needed a vacation from my vacation but as you might […]

Florida Beerventures Part 1- Orlando