We’ve had a long day already, but we had promised a few patrons of Stilt House to give HOB Brewing Company of Dunedin, FL and Barley Mow Brewing Company of Largo, FL a try before we headed back.  This was around the time that Melissa and I realized just how many breweries there were on this little sub-peninsula of the peninsula state. HOB is open until 3am, and Barley Mow was open until 2am so I guess we have plenty of time to stop!   HOB Brewing Company (Dunedin, FL) 10 minutes down the road from Stilt House on ALT 19 is the House of Beer; HOB Brewing Company.  More than just a brewery; HOB has a 40 brews on tap, a full selection of liquor, pool tables, and patio seating.  This down and dirty brewery also has a neon BAR sign tacked right in front so you can’t miss […]

Florida Beerventures Part 6- 400 breweries and beyond!

After the debacle that was Saint Somewhere, and several sad looking selfies that came with our mistake, we pulled a u-turn and headed back south towards our next (hopefully open) stop. de Bine Brewing Company (Palm Harbor, FL) Founded in 2015, de Bine Brewing Company of Palm Harbor, Florida was our unexpected 400th brewery.  This 9,000 sq foot facility boasts a great 2,500 sq feet tap room with live music, 14 taps and an N-64 to kick it old school.  de Bine was one of our stretch goal breweries, as we didn’t receive any input from locals to make this a must hit stop. We ordered a flight of four and went to do our work out back as the front room had a live band, and an even livelier crowd.  So we went into the brew house and had the entire facility to ourselves to take happy selfies and wash […]

Florida Beerventures Part 5- Our 400th Brewery!

As we had previously mentioned in our last post, Christmas in Florida is super strange for a Northerner.  But you know what’s even stranger? Having a whole Christmas village in your brewery that in terms of scale is probably the size of my home town; if not larger.  Seriously, 3 Daughters Brewing freaking loves Christmas.   3 Daughters Brewing (St. Petersburg, FL) As I was saying above, 3 Daughters seriously loves Christmas and instead of explaining it to you, just check out the photos below: Ok, now that’s over.  We sat down in the back room, which is the actual taproom and ordered up two flights because everything sounded delicious and actually came in flight form (looking at you Cycle Brewing).  Did we mention they have cider? Because we sampled 8 this round, lets take our top 4 picks. Ctrl+Malt+Del: Malt Liquor and their homage to the old school, high […]

Florida Beerventures Part 4- St. Petersburg continued

After checking out Orlando and Tampa, we decided to get an early start and see what St. Pete Beach had to offer.  Mostly just sand, gulf water and sun.  Needless to say I was over it already, but Melissa loves the beach so I put up with it for two hours while slowly working on my sunburn while she turned a nice tan color.  Doesn’t matter what SPF I use, or how often I apply it, I will get burned and I will be in pain for the rest of the trip.  Luckily there was always beer to numb the pain. St. Pete has become rather trendy these past few years according to Florida Beer locals we’ve met thus far on our trip be it in person or through Instagram. So we decided to spend our first two nights on the beach, about 15 minutes from the downtown and about […]

Florida Beerventures Part 3- St. Petersburg

After a few stops along the way in Orando, we made it to Tampa. In our travels, we’ve become accustomed to having 3rd wheels or couples tag along.  In Florida, we figured we would just chat up the owners, brewers, bartenders and locals at every stop since we don’t have any friends in the area.  Then the small worlds collide and we find ourselves picking up “Little Lauren” at a hotel in Tampa because she’s in town working on event planning for the NHL.  We barely see this woman when she’s actually in town so how we just happened to be in Tampa the same night as her is really mind blowing. So we took the opportunity to check out a couple Tampa breweries for the night!   Cigar City Brewing Company (Tampa, FL) If you’ve heard of any Florida brewery, chances are high that brewery is Cigar City.  Directly […]

Florida Beerventures Part 2- Tampa

So it’s almost the end of 2017 and our new year’s resolution of timely posts was not met. Surprise surprise. But we did want to document our Florida beerventures in somewhat of a timely fashion. So it will be done by August. I’ll take some of the blame as I decided eh, I kind of hate writing. Whatevs. For some reason we started a blog so I guess I have to write sometimes, Anyways, I was invited for a weekend in Orlando to go to Universal and Disney with a few of my girl friends. Andrew, with his million PTO days decided he didn’t want to stay home so he came up with the brilliant idea of meeting me in Florida and traveling to breweries for a week. Sounds good to me. So after my weekend of theme parks, I needed a vacation from my vacation but as you might […]

Florida Beerventures Part 1- Orlando