Alright, we’ve completely come off the rails here from our predetermined plan.  Adding the two breweries in Scott’s Addition has severely impacted our timetables, but we were still confident that we could wrap up a few more Richmond breweries before heading back to Kales house.  Our next stop, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, is one of the, if not the most well-known brewery in the state of Virginia.  And it was just a short five minute drive from Isley so there was no possible way we could possible deviate again.   Castleburg Brewery and Taproom (Richmond, VA) Anyways, as I was saying, Castleburg Brewing and Taproom, was our next stop after seeing a small sign with an arrow pointing at a small brick building on the way to Hardywood.  Best laid plans, am I right? Home to the smallest brew system (2 barrel) in Richmond, VA, Castleburg brewery and the beer […]

Richmond Breweries (part 3)