Continuing on from our last post, we still had some beerventuring to do in Mass before heading home.   Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery (Southampton, MA) After our hotel breakfast buffet we said goodbye to the newlyweds and set off for home… Just kidding. We carved our way through Mass back to CT hitting five more breweries.  Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery of Southampton, MA was our first stop on the way home.  This crazy mashup of a restaurant was a Texan themed steakhouse, combined with Irish Pride, with a Greek name and .  Since we had already eaten breakfast we went straight for the beer, which was a fancy looking flight of six. In order from least favorite to most we had the Red Rock Red Ale, Citra Hop IPA, King Oat Milk Stout, Honesty 47 Pale Ale, Kix Brew Pale Wheat Ale with a slice of lemon, Berliner Weisse.  The […]

Ten Breweries and a Wedding (part 2)

So this happened back in November, but we’re just now getting to posting in. Sorry we’re bad at keeping up the blog! #goals for 2017 is to get on track! Anyways, one of my very good friends that I’ve known since second grade was getting married in Holyoke, MA. And being the opportunists we are, we decided to visit a few breweries while we were in town. Because you drink beer to celebrate good things right?   This was actually my first week at my new job in Jersey so I had to kindly ask for the Friday off to make the trek up to the rehearsal dinner. We stayed at my house in CT before getting an early start on Friday up 91. High Horse (Amherst, MA) The High Horse of Amherst, Mass is more bar/restaurant than brewery at the moment.  They’re wedged in downtown Amherst which we’re told […]

Ten Breweries and a Wedding