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Race Day Recap It’s 530 am and we’re headed down to the race start. The weather is a balmy 60, overcast skies and a cool mist; the water temp was around 65. Lovely day for a tri. Being that my gut was stocked with beer, the ballast should provide enough stability, and my wetsuit enough buoyancy to get me through the swim. And it did; one of my faster times actually. The bike was a 24 mile round trip, boring out and back course. Managed to crank out 18.4 mph; but it was a super flat course so that was to be expected. And I died on the run. Took the first two miles out at a 7:15, and 7:30 before I realized there was no way I was going to maintain that speed. Hobbled across the finish line with an 8:30 average. But I finished, and that’s worth a […]

South Jersey Beerventures Part 5- Race Day

Continuing our beerventure takes us out of Cape May proper and into Cape May county. Meet the Campbells Back at ColdSpring we noticed a group of orange shirts just walking through the door just as we were walking out, and we noticed them again at Cape May, and then again at 7 Mile.  Being the conversalists we are, we just had to know what was going on and if we were actually being stalked. The eight Campbells were on a short family beerventure in South Jersey, and they made group t-shirts to commemorate their alcoholic excursion.  Why haven’t Melissa and I thought of that? After 7 Mile, we were to see them four more times. This family of beer enthusiasts made our weekend, so cheers to the Campbells. Bucket Brigade Brewery (Cape May Court House) Breweries are now around 10 minutes apart from each other, and it isn’t lost on […]

South Jersey Beerventures Part 4- Cape May County

We (well I) woke up bright and early Saturday morning and promptly kicked Melissa out of bed.  We wanted to get down to Cape May and get some sightseeing in before our hard day’s work started.  On the way down, we worked up a small game plan and decided to start with Cape May Point to see the lighthouse, and the beach.  After that we went to check out the quaint little seaside town of Cape May; which we highly recommend visiting. The little town is full of boutique shops, candy stores, and ice cream.  I finally managed to find a new wallet that I was happy with and it only took me six+ years to do it. If you end up in the town of Cape May, you must hit the Cape May Peanut Butter Company; if you love all things peanut and wont die from an allergy of […]

South Jersey Beerventures Part 3- Cape May

Berlin Brewing Company (Berlin, NJ) Take me out to the ball game, take me into the bar… well, in this case brewery.  Berlin Brewing Company of Berlin, NJ is a baseball themed brewhouse in the radius of Phillies territory; about 30 minutes from the stadium (without traffic).  Of the 10 tap system capacity, there were 8 house brews available, and 1 soda! If you’ve ever read any of my other posts, you already know we have an affinity for house soda so I’m not going to dive into this one here. It was also getting late, and it’s now dinner time so we ordered a pizza from across the street and had it delivered.  Taco Pizza from Scotto Pizza certainly hit the spot with our flight of 8. Per usual, I’m going to highlight our favorite 4.   The Boro Kolsch was a classic representation of the traditional German ale […]

South Jersey Beerventures Part 2- Almost South Jersey

It’s the first weekend of May, and that means Triathlon season has started in the North East.  Naturally, being me, I got drunk about 6 months back and decided yes, I want to start my tri season 2 weeks earlier than usual.  While it’s still cold, and my training was mostly indoors… Anyways it’s Jersey Devil Triathlon weekend and we had the entirety of South NJ to hit; because we’ve never hit it before!   Zeds Beer-Bado Brewing (Marlton, NJ) I wouldn’t quite call this South NJ yet, but our first stop of the trip was Zeds Beer (Bado Brewing).  This family and dog friendly brewery in Marlton, NJ has a great floor plan with lots of seating so bring some lunch or dinner when you show up. And bring a dog; they love dogs. It’s the first brewery of the day so naturally we started off strong with a […]

South Jersey Beerventures Part 1- Central Jersey

You might look at our blog, or our Instagram feed and say “wow, they hit a ton of breweries every weekend.” And while I would like to say that you’re absolutely right, we sadly do have day jobs and weekend plans outside of drinking. Like camping weekend this year, we only managed to hit one brewery in upstate NY that whole hurricane weekend! Oh, but we did squeak in a distillery on the way up with Lauren and Steezey; equal opportunity alcoholics.   Milk Street Distillery (Branchville, NJ) Milk Street Distillery is a little craft distiller on the corner of Broad & Milk Street in Branchville, NJ that made its start a little over a year ago. The distillers/owners, are genuinely friendly people who kicked their love of fine spirits up a notch by hand crafting it themselves. Their current lineup is vodka, clear rum and a rye. Being that […]

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