north carolina

It was a warm Wednesday beerventurer morning and what better way to spend it than by drafting an early morning game plan to visit a new state and three new breweries in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Weeping Radish, Brewing Station and Lost Colony (Full Moon Café) were located within driving distance of Kyle’s house so we figured we would chalk up another state while Kyle was working.   Weeping Radish Farm Brewery (Grandy, NC)   When Uli Bennewitz left Bavaria and immigrated to North Carolina in the early 1980’s it was illegal to brew beer and sell it directly to customers… a terrible idea that was soon rectified through countless hours and hard work with state lawmakers.  After this travesty of a law was corrected, Uli paved the way for the founding of his Bavarian brewpub in Grandy, NC; which opened its doors in 1986 and is the oldest […]

Outer Banks Brewery Tour