The next of our beerventures brought us back to an old stomping ground for a friend’s birthday, which was conveniently planned as a brewery tour in NYC. LIC Beer Project (Long Island City, NY) The first stop of the day was LIC Beer Project, in you guessed it, Long Island City. Now, we are bad fake New Yorkers and so instead of relying on public transportation, which is horrible, we drove from Manhattan to LIC. We don’t recommend this strategy, but it works if you know how to drive NY. We arrived before the rest of the birthday bunch showed up, grabbed a table and headed to the bar. When we visited Queens last time, we missed LIC Beer Project so we were glad for an excuse to go back. LIC Beer Project is a spacious brewery (for New York standards) and it unfortunately does not serve flights so we […]

Long Island City Beer and Birthday Celebrations

Saturday January 30th was a Saturday like any other in the life of a beerventurer. Wakeup, shower, pee in shower, brush teeth, cook half a dozen eggs, make bacon, drink orange juice, forget you had brushed teeth; the usual. After all is said and done, you hope to hit the road and be at the first brewery by opening. A very standard beerventure day, right? Wrong. Driving through the NJ/NYC area is never a standard day. Why? Because the never ending maze of highways, byways, bridges and tolls make no sense and should be nuked from orbit. Immediate left exits after a toll booth when you’re all the way right in another EasyPass lane? Sure, you can cut over 8 lanes! NBD. Unless you’re a local of the cluster f*ck known as Newark/Jersey City, you might as well chuck your GPS enabled cellphone out of the window and stick to […]

The Five Boroughs (Minus a Couple)