Day Four continued. (Part one here) There are only two more stops tonight, before we call it a day.  Smartmouth and Benchtop also reside in Norfolk, VA.  These two breweries are also only a block apart, so that makes everything easy for beerventuring.   Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA) Hidden in the back of the Norfolk industrial district at a dead end, Smartmouth resides in a grey, nondescript building and is identified by a lonely, little sign.  That sign and the several tables, chairs and beer drinking, cornhole throwing, and food truck eating locals whom just got out of work that is.  Parking is a bit tight on the dead end, but there is a large lot just down the road and plenty of street parking if you have issues finding a spot. The interior taproom isn’t as large as Coelacanth, but I’d imagine that’s due to the massive barrel system […]

Norfolk Breweries (continued)