NYS Capitol Building
The City of Albany is quiet on the weekends, very quiet.  We weren’t expecting that for the Capital City of NY, but then again the downtown is mostly government buildings and hotels.  Considering it’s a weekend and we’re still in Covid, I guess that was to be expected.  There are some exceptions to the quiet city; CH Evans Brewing Co, Nine Pin Cider Works and Fort Orange Brewing. C.H. Evans Brewing Co. C.H. Evans Brewing Co. at the Albany Pump Station is a brewpub of historic proportions and grandeur.  After three generations, the Evans family has more than honed in the finer points of their craft at the pump station turned brewery.  The pump station itself was built in 1874 and moved over 7 billions gallons of water from the river to a reservoir before becoming a brewery. The beer at C.H. Evans is a wide variety of traditional styles […]

Albany, NY

Subversive Beer 2
Delmar, NY On the way to or from Albany, be sure to take a swing by Delmar, NY to hit two great little breweries. Only a mile apart from each other, The Real McCoy Beer Co and The Warbler Brewery serve up a long list of delicious taps. The Real McCoy Beer Co set their roots down in an old mechanics garage (we think) and while the indoor space isn’t much their outdoor beer garden is a massive space with lots of picnic tables and live music. The Real McCoys Beer ranges all the styles, but since it was Melissa’s birthday weekend we focused on two delicious sours; Bravo Whiskey Raspberry and Solid Liquid (sour IPA). The Warbler Brewery is a small, husband and wife run brewery that opened their doors during the mess that is covid. Lucky for us and them, the world is getting back to normal and […]

Delmar, Catskill & Hudson, NY

Melissa at Shmatlz Brewing Company
BYE-i Traveling down to Albany from Saratoga Springs presents you with two routes. You can either take the direct and fast 87 South all the way down or the longer route through Troy, NY and across the river. Naturally, we took the Troy route and made our first stop in Cohoes, NY at BYE-i Brewing. BYE-i was established in 2019 and has one of the most functional flight paddles we’ve ever come across; no seriously, check out the photos below. Across our flight, the beer at BYE-i was consistently good with the great exception being the 131 Hab; a habanero pale ale. 131 Hab is in our humble opinion the right way to make a habanero beer. The aroma was rich with pepper and there was the perfect amount of heat on the backend. Hab’s pepper profile didn’t crush your palette, but enough is there to say hi and let […]

Troy, NY

Arrowood Farms
A couple weeks ago we took a long awaited and much needed weekend beerventure up to Saratoga Springs and Albany. Because of covid we’ve been staying fairly local but with the weather warming up and both Andrew and I getting vaccinated we decided this was a good way to spend my birthday weekend. On the way up to Saratoga Springs, we decided to take a detour to Arrowood Farms in Accord, NY. Arrowood Farms is about half an hour outside of New Paltz, NY (Google took us a strange way so YMMV). Arrowood does have a downtown outpost in New Paltz if you don’t want to make the trip to Accord; but we do recommend going to the main farm location if you have time. The roads are scenic with the twists and turns throughout a mountain setting and we are betting that this trip would be amazing with fall […]

Arrowood Farms

  In order to do Vermont the justice it deserves, we’re gonna split up one day per post. Vermont Trip July 2015 Day 1 Our Vermont trip was planned when our friend Jess, a native Vermonter, told us about the Vermont Brewer’s Fest coming up in July. As Vermont was the last New England state we had yet to visit, we decided this was the perfect excuse to plan a trip. First things first was securing tickets to the brewfest. Apparently these things sell out in minutes and there’s a strict limit of 2 per person with no reselling. So that means whoever buys the ticket is obligated to show up. So at exactly the right time, Kait and I logged on to order our allotment of tickets to the Saturday morning session. After the initial freak out that one of us bought the wrong session, we had our confirmation […]

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