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Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

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NYS Capitol Building

Albany, NY

The City of Albany is quiet on the weekends, very quiet.  We weren’t expecting that for the Capital City of NY, but then again the

Subversive Beer

Delmar, Catskill & Hudson, NY

Delmar, NY On the way to or from Albany, be sure to take a swing by Delmar, NY to hit two great little breweries. Only

Melissa at Shmatlz Brewing Company

Troy, NY

BYE-i Traveling down to Albany from Saratoga Springs presents you with two routes. You can either take the direct and fast 87 South all the

Arrowood Farms

Arrowood Farms

A couple weeks ago we took a long awaited and much needed weekend beerventure up to Saratoga Springs and Albany. Because of covid we’ve been

#tbt Vermont Day 1

  In order to do Vermont the justice it deserves, we’re gonna split up one day per post. Vermont Trip July 2015 Day 1 Our

We’re Andrew and Melissa. We met in college and discovered our love for craft beer and different breweries shortly after that. Andrew is from upstate NY and Melissa is from Connecticut but now we both live in the beautiful state of New Jersey and love to explore new places and try new beers together.

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