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Day Four continued. (Part one here) There are only two more stops tonight, before we call it a day.  Smartmouth and Benchtop also reside in Norfolk, VA.  These two breweries are also only a block apart, so that makes everything easy for beerventuring.   Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA) Hidden in the back of the Norfolk industrial district at a dead end, Smartmouth resides in a grey, nondescript building and is identified by a lonely, little sign.  That sign and the several tables, chairs and beer drinking, cornhole throwing, and food truck eating locals whom just got out of work that is.  Parking is a bit tight on the dead end, but there is a large lot just down the road and plenty of street parking if you have issues finding a spot. The interior taproom isn’t as large as Coelacanth, but I’d imagine that’s due to the massive barrel system […]

Norfolk Breweries (continued)

Virginia Trip Day 4- Norfolk Breweries We made it back from a light day North Carolina and had another day of beerventuring in store. Deciding to keep it local, we ventured to five Norfolk breweries to see what they had to offer. Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk, VA) The problem we constantly encounter during a beerventure is the hours of operation.  We understand that most people don’t want to drink a beer at 9, or 10, or 11 am on a Wednesday but when we have a lot of places to cover, it really is 5 o’clock somewhere.   O’Connor Brewing Co. was the first to open on the agenda today, but that wasn’t until noon.  So we took in some art. The Chrysler Museum of Art of Norfolk, VA has quite the showcase of art ranging from an exquisite and worldly glass collection to 15th century paintings to contemporary and modern […]

Norfolk Breweries (with a little bit a culture)

And last but certainly not least, the finale of our Virginia Beach brewery tour. Actually, one may be least but more on that later.   Commonwealth Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA)   Built in an old fire station, this vibrant brewery in Virginia Beach, VA has enough beer and seating for 80+ patrons, and if it wasn’t a random weeknight we imagine the scene would be mobbed.  The night is getting late, so we didn’t have a whole lot of time to chat with the bartender so we just ordered 12 of the 16 available beers and went to town. Since we ordered 12 samples, I’m only going to highlight six of our favorites: Burgundy: This is a classic Belgian dubbel with a sweet flavor, great color and not too boozy in the palate.  While this isn’t anything unique, it is a well-built take on one of our favorite styles. […]

Virginia Beach Breweries Part 3

Sorry for the delay! I was supposed to post this weeks ago and just haven’t gotten to it. Blogging is hard. So without ado, we present Virginia trip Day 2, Virginia Beach. Continued… Wasserhund Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA) Tucked behind a bike shop in a busy shopping area in Virginia Beach, VA is Wasserhund Brewing Company. This spacious brewpub is home to German-styled beer and gastropub styled pizza. Upon entering the establishment you’re greeted by the monthly charity area which just so happened to be the aquarium we just visited (and highly recommend). With 12 beers on draft (10 different styles) we read over the menu, ordered a flight and our favorite carb; pizza. In order from least to most favorite we had the Sarahs Gluten Free Mojito IPA, Doggy Paddle IPA, German Shepheweizen hefe, Locals Lager with Blood Orange, Bitchin Bacon Stout and the California Common. Made for individuals […]

Virginia Beach Breweries Round 2

We finally made it to Virginia and now it’s time to experience the local beer! First on our agenda is checking out the breweries of Virginia Beach. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Of course we can’t spend all week just visiting breweries. They don’t even open until noon! So one of our favorite activities other than beerventuring is visiting zoos, aquariums and other places where we can look at cute animals. On our agenda today was the Virginia Aquarium and it did not disappoint. We could spend hours looking at all the fish and learning about sharks. There’s also an awesome ropes course built in the trees between the two buildings that looked amazing (and went on for days). Definitely worth a stop! Green Flash (Virginia Beach, VA) Widely recognized by the beer community for its top-class Californian beer, Green Flash Brewing Co. has sneakily made its way to […]

Virginia Beach. Breweries minus the beach. Part 1.