The morning following our trip to Richmond, VA was indeed a struggle.  We were tired, full and were really torn up about leaving Kyle; won’t see him again until Christmas.  But in traditional Beerventurer fashion, we parted ways and headed to more breweries.  Partly because we missed our window of low-traffic opportunity, but mostly because we still needed to hit Ocelot Brewing Company of Dulles, VA and Lost Rhino Brewing Co. of Ashburn, VA.   Ocelot Brewing Company (Dulles, VA) What many consider to be the pretty-kitty of the animal kingdom, Ocelot Brewing is also the pretty taproom of the brewing kingdom.  The spacious, vaulted tap/brew room is gorgeously decorated and you forget that you’re in an industrial park.  One wall is lined with barrels, the tap system holds a whopping 21 drafts with one nitro tap, and the giant mural of the Grateful Dead Bears is also topnotch.   […]

Final day of Virginia beer!

And here is the last of our Richmond VA beer reviews! Finally! It isn’t often that we’re able to hit so many breweries in a single day, but with hard work, determination and Kyle; anything is possible.  Its starting to get late and both Kyle and Melissa are getting full so we had to make a judgement call to only hit two more breweries.  We chose Strangeways Brewing and The Answer Brewpub; easily the two best breweries of the day/week in our opinions.   Strangeways Brewing (Richmond, VA) Strangeways was certainly where sh*t got strange. The décor in the front taproom was somewhere between a 3rd grade girls bedroom and Melissa’s taste in bedrooms 🙂 But the front room was nowhere near as impressive as the barrel collection in the backroom.  The back is clearly where beer goes to party and get a little weird prior to visiting your flight […]

Conclusion of our One Day Richmond VA Beer Tour

Alright, we’ve completely come off the rails here from our predetermined plan.  Adding the two breweries in Scott’s Addition has severely impacted our timetables, but we were still confident that we could wrap up a few more Richmond breweries before heading back to Kales house.  Our next stop, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, is one of the, if not the most well-known brewery in the state of Virginia.  And it was just a short five minute drive from Isley so there was no possible way we could possible deviate again.   Castleburg Brewery and Taproom (Richmond, VA) Anyways, as I was saying, Castleburg Brewing and Taproom, was our next stop after seeing a small sign with an arrow pointing at a small brick building on the way to Hardywood.  Best laid plans, am I right? Home to the smallest brew system (2 barrel) in Richmond, VA, Castleburg brewery and the beer […]

Richmond Breweries (part 3)

Day 6 – The Veil Brewing Company, Ardent Craft Ales and Isley Brewing Company On the northwestern outskirts of Richmond, VA reside several breweries, a few cideries and distilleries in an area known as Scott’s Addition. Conveniently for us, many of these places are walking distance from each other. Parking was pretty tight on the roads closer to our next stop so Uber/Lyft if you can; this area really is a hotbed of alcohol related activities. This district alone would take a day and a fistful of cash to clear. Oh, and the two breweries after we hit Veil were a complete adlib on our part and not part of our original itinerary. The Veil Brewing Company Deep in the heart of this alcoholic region of Richmond resides one of the state’s best; The Veil Brewing Company. Despite its monotone industrial atmosphere, Veil Brewing Company serves everything but the drab. […]

Richmond Breweries part 2

Day 5 – Part 1: Richmond Virginia It’s about 8am and the car is now stocked with water, munchies, Kale, and gas. So Melissa, Kale and I headed off to Richmond for an action packed adventure. We figure we had 8 must hit breweries, and 4 maybes. Either way it was going to be a close call depending on lines, closing times and traffic. Melissa, our Chief of Navigation was confident that we would at least make 8 and potentially one more if time allowed. For anyone looking to take a beercation, Richmond is absolutely packed with beer that cannot be seen or drank in one day. In hindsight, we did not give this area enough time so we highly recommend at least a 3-day weekend if possible. **Important Note: Get the FREE Richmond Beer Passport at any participating brewery for FREE swag.**   Stone Brewing (Richmond, VA) Every now […]

Exploring Richmond, VA Breweries (Part 1)

Day Four continued. (Part one here) There are only two more stops tonight, before we call it a day.  Smartmouth and Benchtop also reside in Norfolk, VA.  These two breweries are also only a block apart, so that makes everything easy for beerventuring.   Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA) Hidden in the back of the Norfolk industrial district at a dead end, Smartmouth resides in a grey, nondescript building and is identified by a lonely, little sign.  That sign and the several tables, chairs and beer drinking, cornhole throwing, and food truck eating locals whom just got out of work that is.  Parking is a bit tight on the dead end, but there is a large lot just down the road and plenty of street parking if you have issues finding a spot. The interior taproom isn’t as large as Coelacanth, but I’d imagine that’s due to the massive barrel system […]

Norfolk Breweries (continued)