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During our short stay in Savannah, the highlight of the trip was definitely our first Savannah Bananas baseball game. Now that we are official super fans, we would like to help you with a little guide on what to expect! Get your tickets early! The Bananas sell out every home game- the current streak is 88 straight. As of 7/5/21, the entire season was sold out. But there are still a few ways to get to the game. Search facebook marketplace or the facebook group. Stubhub had nothing available and completely overcharges you so avoid that if at all possible. Get to the game early! The fun starts as soon as you walk up to the gates and get your tickets scanned by bananas! There’s music, games, and dancing that you don’t want to miss! We were lucky and got one of the last parking spaces in the stadium lot. […]

Savannah Bananas Baseball – Attendance Guide

Whisky Flight
It’s October and we’re so far behind in our posts!  Here’s a throwback to our time in Savannah… or in this case South Carolina.  As Beerventurers, we can’t start a beerventure in the city (or state in this case) where we fly into – because reasons.  Our very first instinct when flying into Savannah Georgia was to head across the border towards Hilton Head Island. Southern Barrel Brewing Co. Before you make it to Hilton Head Island, there are several breweries dotted along the way so our first stop was Southern Barrel of Bluffton, SC.  The area that the brewery is in has that Florida development feel to it; mixed residential + commercial but without the old town feel of the North East.  But that’s not a huge problem for us because the beer and food at SBBC is authentic as it gets. Because sours are still all the rage, […]

Hilton Head Island

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We’re going to wrap up the remaining 17 (yes 17!) Austin breweries by doing another Top 5 post because it’s now October and we’re horrible writers.  So, just to clarify, this is a Top 5 Austin Breweries post, but only of the remaining breweries.  We’re getting less and less consistent, aren’t we?  So in no specific order, here’s the last part of our Texas beerventure. Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches is a family owned bakery, brewery and bottle shop that was only doing can pours out in the biergarten during our time in Austin.  That wasn’t a huge problem for us as their biergarten is massive and dog friendly.  The only drawback was that we had to limit ourselves to just two cans of beer out of the wonderful array of choices. It was a tough decision, but we settled on the Prickle and Wa […]

Top 5 Breweries of Austin, TX – Kind of

Hop Picking We’ve never been invited to a farm to go hop picking before, so we were super excited to get an invite from the Fir Farm.   The Fir Farm is a family owned Christmas Tree, Honey and Hop farm down in Colts Neck, NJ and their hop picking events make for a fun day! While manual labor doesn’t strike everyone as a good time, we can assure you if you’re a social creature it will be a blast learning about hops, plucking the cones off the bines and discussing a wide variety of random topics with your table neighbors. As a hop harvest at the Fir Farm is a social event, you will get to meet the owners, brewers and beertenders of the breweries that these hops go to, as well as drink some of their beers!  Bob and Mickey, the owners of the Fir Farm, have been growing […]

Hop Picking

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In true Beerventurer fashion, we’re far behind on our posts so we’re going to give a Top 5 Breweries of San Antonio – just like BuzzFeed would do.  Yeah, we’re totally phoning this one in, sorry guys. The City of San Antonio was founded by Spanish Missionaries in 1718 and was a tiny little outpost back in the day.  In 2021, San Antonio is now a sprawling and bustling city boasting over 1.5 million residents with various cultural and historic landmarks such as The Alamo and the (much) newer River Walk.  You’re probably asking yourself, how did we end up nearly an hour and a half south of Austin?  Well, San Antonio is home to 16 breweries so lets go over our Top 5 picks in no specific order. Back Unturned Brewing Co. Back Unturned Brewing Co. is a full service brewpub that boasts having the best pizza in San […]

Top 5 Breweries of San Antonio

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Pour My Beer Ok, now that we baited you in with a puppy let’s talk about pouring your own beer. Have you ever wished you could just self-serve your own beverages at your favorite crowded bar? Or maybe you just want to sample all the things, but “that beer is only served in a pint, sorry”.  Well friends you’re in luck.  The folks at Pour My Beer have you covered with their high efficiency, self-pouring beverage walls that can (and do) contain all the things. The Pour My Beer beverage walls are completely liquid agnostic and may contain wines, meads, cocktails and of course – BEER!  You can find these awesome tap walls at various locations such as Dave & Busters, Hilton Hotels, Stumpy’s Hatchet Houses, and even Whole Foods!  Another aspect we really like about these self-serving bars is that kegs are way more environmentally friendly than bottles and […]

DIY Bartending with Pour My Beer