New Orleans Breweries – Part 2 We’re months past our trip to NOLA but the sights and sounds of the French Quarter are still fresh in my head.  If you’re looking for things to do in NOLA, aside from beer, we highly recommend waking up early and going to wait in line at the famous Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street.  If you’re unfamiliar with Cafe Du Monde, they are the most famous beignet shop in the US.  While you are there, don’t forget to try a cafe au lait if you want to double down on sugar. After grabbing coffee and beignets and if it’s a nice day, make your way around Jackson Square to visit all of the shops and eateries downtown.  Eventually you will bump into Bourbon Street, but you should hold off on those festivities until later. Crescent City, Roadies and Brieux Carre   Crescent City Brewhouse […]

New Orleans Breweries – Part 2

Opening Flight
New Orleans Breweries – Part 1 There is no shortage of wonderful breweries in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA).  Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a shortage of breweries though!  You can hit not only the best breweries in NOLA, but all of the breweries in a long weekend if you plan accordingly. It’s Melissa’s birthday weekend, so we decided to go all out in the food and beer department.  NOLA, or The Big Easy, can be a nonstop gluttony fest for the waistline if that’s what you’re interested in.  However, we do recommend breaking up the bingeing with sights and sounds of NOLA culture. Tchoupitoulas Street Just a few minutes south (by car) of the French Quarter is a wonderful street full of beer and spirits.  Tchoupitoulas Street (pronounced chaa-puh-too-luhs) was our first major pocket of alcohol starting as soon as we landed – no seriously, we couldn’t […]

New Orleans Breweries – Part 1

New Jersey vs. Breweries New Jersey breweries are under attack (again).  I’m sure that many of you have already seen the news but for those who haven’t – the NJ Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) bureaucrats have re-levied a series of pre-covid, super-restrictive rules against breweries; rules that only exist to protect the massive restaurant lobby.  The ABC rules are several and arbitrary in nature.  Breweries in PA has a small write up (here) detailing the new restrictions. In laymen’s terms, the rules will restrict breweries from hosting fun events like food trucks and live music as frequently as we’re accustomed to.  The ABC has taken it upon themselves to regulate entertainment; they are the quintessential “fun police.”  It’s also important to note that there will be collateral damage impacting your community.  Several artists, musicians, vendors (food, clothing, etc.) will also feel the pinch of these archaic laws.  what YOU can […]

New Jersey vs. Breweries

Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival Recap The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival was a wild weekend full of great beer, food trucks, activities, and live performances from talented musicians and carnival-esq performers.  AC Beerfest is not your typical, carbon copy brew festival.  A lot of attention, planning and genuine love by the Good Time Tricycle team went into producing this extraordinary event. The event boasted over 130 breweries with a few cideries and even our favorite meadery pouring up a storm for us and 14,000+ of our closest friends.  The event takes place on the massive and historic Bader Field.  The runways are perfectly divided into quadrants of breweries, mixing in a few vendors of all types (apparel, desserts, and pickles to name a few).  Towards the back of the field is the main stage with non-stop jam bands bringing great vibes and column of food trucks with […]

Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival

Chicago Breweries Pt. 5 Here’s part 5 of our Chicago brewery tour & other touristy things post. As I said in our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 posts, this is not an all-inclusive best breweries in Chicago list. With so many breweries to choose from, our decisions were mostly based on factors of convenience. As Beerventueres we like to maximize our travel time by flying into a city super early and flying out super late.  Since our flight didn’t leave until late afternoon on our last day in Chicago, we were able to hit four more breweries on the way out. Old Irving Brewing Co. The first stop of the day was decked out in Oktoberfest décor and had a diverse tap lineup ranging from Kolschs to Imperial Stouts.  Old Irving Brewing Co. of Chicago is a rather large brewpub with plenty of seating, delicious smelling […]

Chicago Breweries Pt. 5

Chicago 360
Chicago Breweries Pt. 4 Here’s part 4 of our Chicago brewery & other touristy things to do post.  As I said in our Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 posts, this is not an all-inclusive “Top” anything list.  With so many breweries to choose from, our decisions were mostly based on factors of convenience. Dovetail Brewery When you’re looking for beer brewed using the traditional method, look no further than Dovetail Brewery.  Dovetail serves up a wide array of lagers and spontaneously fermented brews with an exciting barrel age bottle list. Unfortunately for us, there were no flights being served at the time.  As we were limited to full pours, the beertender recommended the Dovetail Hefeweizen and their traditional Kriek. The Hefe comes completely as advertised; a traditional method hefe. The wheat beer has a wonderful aroma of clove and a balanced, not overly sweet banana note in a […]

Chicago Breweries Pt. 4