Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

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Hormel Chili Beer

Modist & Hormel Beer Collab

We’re always on the lookout for new and trending beer options.  Straight out of this month’s weird beer options menu is the new Modist Brewing


Non-Alcoholic Beer Poll Results

We’re at the tail end of the infamous Dry January.  For those of you living under a rock, Dry January is the annual campaign that

AI graphic

Craft Beer & Artificial Intelligence

As the world inches closer and closer to a fully automated and autonomous workforce, it’s no surprise that the craft beer industry would inevitably follow



This is just a friendly reminder to keep supporting your favorite NJ breweries!  Since the ABC (over)enforcement started, Governor Murphy has not done a darn

Genesee Cream

The Genesee Brewery

If you’ve never Beerventured in Rochester, NY you’re missing out on several great breweries like The Genesee Brewery; which is one of the oldest and

Whats worst?

We moved!

Hey Everyone, Many of you have asked “where have you guys been recently?” And that’s a fair question.  We’ve been really absent on the posting

Welcome to the Beerventurers blog! Join us on a journey to discover the world’s best breweries, one flight at a time. From the bustling cities to the small towns, we’ll be sampling local brews and sharing our experiences with you. Follow us as we share our tips, recommendations, and favorite finds from our travels. Cheers! – Melissa & Andrew

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New Jersey vs. Breweries

New Jersey vs. Breweries New Jersey breweries are under attack (again).  I’m sure that many of you have


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Chicago Breweries Pt. 5 Here’s part 5 of our Chicago brewery tour & other touristy things post. As