Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

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Melissa Double Tap

New Jersey 101.5 “Top 9” Addendum

Bill Spadea of New Jersey 101.5 recently came out with a “Top 9 Craft Breweries in NJ You Need to Visit” list.  To my surprise,


New Jersey vs. Breweries

New Jersey vs. Breweries New Jersey breweries are under attack (again).  I’m sure that many of you have already seen the news but for those


Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival

Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival Recap The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival was a wild weekend full of great beer, food trucks, activities,


Hop Picking

Hop Picking We’ve never been invited to a farm to go hop picking before, so we were super excited to get an invite from the

Melissa Beer Giveaway!

My Birthday Beer Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! My birthday is coming up at the end of April and to celebrate, I did another giveaway from some of NJ’s best breweries.

Welcome to the Beerventurers blog! Join us on a journey to discover the world’s best breweries, one flight at a time. From the bustling cities to the small towns, we’ll be sampling local brews and sharing our experiences with you. Follow us as we share our tips, recommendations, and favorite finds from our travels. Cheers! – Melissa & Andrew

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Whats worst?

We moved!

Hey Everyone, Many of you have asked “where have you guys been recently?” And that’s a fair question. 


A Random Travel Poll

A Random Travel Poll Every now and then we do super scientific polls! Here are the results from