Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Somerset County Sip and See Passport

Somerset County Sip & See Passport

The beer passport isn’t a new concept, but always a welcomed companion on a beerventure.  On our travels it’s one of the first things we try and procure.  Now a days passports are usually digital, however we prefer the physical copies – obviously because stamps are more fun.  So, good news for beer people visiting Somerset County, NJ – they have their own sip and see passport!

The Somerset Sip & See passport isn’t just a beer passport, but an experience passport of Somerset County.  The booze portion of the passport currently contains Bellemara Distillery, Burnt Mills Cider Company, Flounder Brewing, Jersey Cyclone Brewing and Village Brewing.

If you need to shake things up between beers and cocktails, the experiences section of the passport has you covered.  Stumpy’s Hatcht House, Ultimate Xscape Rooms, Iron Peak Sports & Events, and the United States Golf Association Museum.

Arguably the best part of a passport are the prizes!  By visiting 5 locations, you will receive a Sip & See Trail pint glass for your collection!  Visit all 9? Well congrats you’ve earned a Sip & See hoodie!

We haven’t hit all 9 locations yet… kind of slacking!  We did visit Flounder, Bellemara and Stumpy’s Hatchet House for our pre-valentines day festivities.  If you missed our afternoon, be sure to check out our Instagram reel!  Have you visited any of these stops yet? Let us your favorites below or tag us on Instagram.

While you’re here – how do you feel about hops?


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