Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Instagram Story Results

Stories on our Instagram are always hit or miss when it comes to engagement and as you’re already aware, engagement is vital for content creators.  While my memes (mostly) do well, the most engaging stories we post are our “scientific studies” – which are just groups of related polling questions.  Since we haven’t posted on the blog recently, please enjoy the results of our 2021 “studies” in aggregate.


Generic beer purchasing habits, July 2021:

I mostly buy beer for home consumption on A weekday The weekend    
  184 298    
I mostly buy beer from A Bottle Shop A Brewery A Grocery Store Other
  210 186 84 41
I consider myself a beer mule Beer Mule! I am not a Mule    
  159 277    
I have strong, local beer options Great Local Breweries I have Crappy Options    
  468 44    
I Like My Beer On draft In cans In bottles  
  314 131 40  
My area (10 mile radius) has Too many breweries Too few breweries Just the right amount of breweries  
  32 216 222  
Seltzers are a Great Addition to Breweries Crappy Addition to Breweries    
  208 253    
I would like to see more ____ from my local brewery. Crazy Beers Well Made Basic Beer    
  172 331    


Results: These results were mostly to be expected with a few exceptions.  I did not anticipate seeing such a strong backing of seltzers.  Considering our following is predominantly male (77%) beer drinkers between the ages of 25 and 54 (90%), we didn’t realize the demo of seltzers was so broad and welcomed.  We personally feel that seltzers are a great addition to breweries as it enables them to produce a diverse line of beverages for non-beer consumers and people with gluten intolerances. 

Another surprising result of this poll was the last question.  65.8% of our respondents stated that they would like to see more well made basic beers from their local breweries.  


IPA Day, August 2021:

Choose your style West Coast East Coast    
  143 280    
Choose your style Milk Shake (Lactose) Brut    
  225 237    
Choose your style English IPA Black IPA    
  285 167    
Thoughts on Sour IPAs Love my Sours Can’t stand them    
  281 150    
Thoughts on Fruited IPAs All the fruits! Please stop them!    
  283 146    
My ideal IPA is Session Single IPA Double/Imperial IPA Triple
  82 133 181 41

Results: We took another poll on National IPA Day – because of course that day of celebration exists! Unsurprisingly, East Coast overtook West Coast but not by huge margins.  While East Coast and NEIPA aren’t synonymous, for the purposes of this poll, I think everyone got the jist that we were asking for pine notes against citrus notes.

Another interesting take from this poll was the nearly identical results for and against Sour IPAs and Fruited IPAs.  While the majority of our surveyees like fruited IPAs and sour IPAs, I’d venture a guess that if we had done a deeper analysis between the two results, the surveyees would strongly correlate. 


Thanksgiving Poll, November 2021:

Candied Yams 145
Vs. Cranberry Sauce 222
Mashed Potatoes 227
Vs. Stuffing 174
Green Bean Casserole 231
Vs. Corn Pudding 147
Gravy Goes on
Turkey + Mashed Potatoes Only 152
Everything 229
Macaroni & Cheese is a Thanksgiving Side
Cheese Me 177
NOPE 165
Rolls are…
On my plate 262
A waste of stomach space 89
Apple Pie 191
Vs. Pumpkin Pie 185
I cook my turkey in…
An Oven 337
A deep fryer 47
Mulled Cider 211
Vs. Mulled Wine 160
Football games?
GO TEAM! 296


Results:  As we went into this poll with our food biases, a few surprising results came out of this.  The first finding was that a larger percentage of people than we expected were gravy on turkey and potato purists.  Gravy is delicious, so cross contamination on my plate is usually by design.

The next surprising result for us was the strong division of people who are pro and anti macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving.  Melissa and I are firm believers in the mac and cheese lifestyle so the fact that this is a divisive question was wholly unexpected.

Lastly, the divisiveness continued to apple pie and pumpkin pie.  I’m a huge apple pie fan, while Melissa is equal opportunity.  I had expected to see a large skew towards the pumpkin, but was pleasantly surprised to see apple pie not only hold its own, but actually beat pumpkin pie.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the results of these past few polls.  Our next poll will be travel related so stay tuned!

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