Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give a shout out to a new sponsor of ours, SWOOC Games.  SWOOC strives to design and build quality games that are environmentally sustainable.  SWOOC offers a wide array of games that are fun at home and the brewery like Giant Connect Four, Giant “generic tower game“, and Battle Hooks!

As a proud partner of TREES, a501(c)(3) charitable organization, every SWOOC order helps to restore our planet.  TREES is a charitable organization that assists farmers across Africa in restoring their land through training programs and reforestation efforts.  Every SWOOC order you place plants one tree!  With a 60 day hassle free return policy, do you have anything to lose?

Click here to browse their game selection and to learn more about their commitment to environmental sustainability.

And click here to watch Melissa fail at SWOOCs Battle Hooks.

Travel Battle Hooks

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This is just a friendly reminder to keep supporting your favorite NJ breweries!  Since the ABC (over)enforcement started,