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Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

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Is DnD the next Trivia?

Is DnD the next Trivia? Step aside Trivia, there’s a new team-based experience happening at breweries across NJ and it’s even nerdier than you are.

The Heavy Hitters of Asheville, NC

The Heavy-Hitters of Asheville, NC. It’s hard to write a blog post about the best craft breweries in Asheville without acknowledging the well-established, heavy hitters

Melissa at Muckraker

Muckraker Beermaker & Two Villains Brewing

Muckraker Beermaker and Two Villains Brewing have announced an exciting joint venture in the heart of Vernon, NJ. This dynamic collaboration brings together the expertise

Melissa at Great Notion

Top 5 Breweries in Portland, Oregon!

Top 5 Breweries in Portland, Oregon! We’ve finally made it to one of the Pacific Northwest’s beer meccas; Portland, Oregon.  With 70(ish) breweries in and

Welcome to the Beerventurers blog! Join us on a journey to discover the world’s best breweries, one flight at a time. From the bustling cities to the small towns, we’ll be sampling local brews and sharing our experiences with you. Follow us as we share our tips, recommendations, and favorite finds from our travels. Cheers! – Melissa & Andrew

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Doc Elon Musk

1.21 GigaBiers?!?!?!

1.21 GigaBiers?!?!?! Did you guys order your CyberTruck yet? No? We didn’t either. After the baseball demo, we


Coors-icles. Now a thing…

Coors-icles The think tank at Molson Coors Beverage Company, the parent company of Coors, have just come up