In the time since our last blog post, another brewery opened in Hackettstown, NJ. I guess thats the place to be! This one is Czig Meister and conveniently located about a block away from Man Skirt Brewing. The brewer and owner is a former head brewer from Kane so we had high hopes going in that the beer would be delicious. The brewery itself is a beautiful huge space with the bar to accomodate growler fills, pints and flights. We particularly enjoyed Czig Meister’s interpretation of a tour of the brewhouse drawn out on a whiteboard. There’s a lovely outdoor space for relaxing. There was a lot of thought and money put into this brewery and it definitely paid off! But what good is a beautiful brewery without the beer you ask? We ordered a small flight for us of just four but can report that the beer is delicious! […]

New Kids on the Block (Part 2)

Visiting a new brewery on opening day is always a fun and exciting experience. We’ve only had the privilege a handful of times these past few years so when we learn of an opening we always make an effort to hit it. In the past few months we’ve welcomed three NJ breweries into the neighborhood on their birthdays! Man Skirt, Jersey Girl and Twin Elephant. MAN SKIRT BREWING Man Skirt of Hackettstown, NJ was founded under two principals. The love of beer, and the hatred of pants. The burly men of Man Skirt dawn “tactical kilts” to brew their three flagship brews: Gold Bar Blonde, Better than Pants ESB, and The Great Porter. All very good, but very generic beers. The porter was hands down the best sample we had there. One unique aspect of Man Skirt is the location. The owners setup shop in an old bank, and this […]

New Kids on the Block