hellbender brewing

Many people might say that drinking beer at 11 am is a sign that you’ve officially hit rock bottom. Thankfully our hobby, beerventuring, means that drinking beer at 11 am makes us professionals.  It separates us from the amateurs, the boys from the men, the connoisseurs from the alcoholics.  So while you’re silently judging us and questioning if we’ve actually hit rock bottom let me dispel any doubt.  Damn straight we did.  At 11 am, we hit Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. This national chain restaurant is owned by the same holding company as Gordon Biersch, but the beer is substantially better because the onsite head brewer holds a fair amount of power.  Since we were there at 11 am and were the only people at the bar, we got to meet the head brewer himself!  Geoff is a one man brew team at the Bethesda location explained to us […]

D.C. Day 2 (We finally made it!)