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Subversive Beer 2
Delmar, NY On the way to or from Albany, be sure to take a swing by Delmar, NY to hit two great little breweries. Only a mile apart from each other, The Real McCoy Beer Co and The Warbler Brewery serve up a long list of delicious taps. The Real McCoy Beer Co set their roots down in an old mechanics garage (we think) and while the indoor space isn’t much their outdoor beer garden is a massive space with lots of picnic tables and live music. The Real McCoys Beer ranges all the styles, but since it was Melissa’s birthday weekend we focused on two delicious sours; Bravo Whiskey Raspberry and Solid Liquid (sour IPA). The Warbler Brewery is a small, husband and wife run brewery that opened their doors during the mess that is covid. Lucky for us and them, the world is getting back to normal and […]

Delmar, Catskill & Hudson, NY

Melissa at Shmatlz Brewing Company
BYE-i Traveling down to Albany from Saratoga Springs presents you with two routes. You can either take the direct and fast 87 South all the way down or the longer route through Troy, NY and across the river. Naturally, we took the Troy route and made our first stop in Cohoes, NY at BYE-i Brewing. BYE-i was established in 2019 and has one of the most functional flight paddles we’ve ever come across; no seriously, check out the photos below. Across our flight, the beer at BYE-i was consistently good with the great exception being the 131 Hab; a habanero pale ale. 131 Hab is in our humble opinion the right way to make a habanero beer. The aroma was rich with pepper and there was the perfect amount of heat on the backend. Hab’s pepper profile didn’t crush your palette, but enough is there to say hi and let […]

Troy, NY

Inn at Saratoga 3
Saratoga Springs I’m not much of a boutique person.  Walking through quaint stores with elegant clothing is just not my thing and Saratoga Springs is pretty much as quaint of a town you can get in upstate NY.  There are dozens of fancy little shops ranging from designer fashions to specialty teas and candy so if this sounds like a wonderful afternoon for you, you should absolutely book a weekend here.  We recommend The Inn at Saratoga for accommodations, it has free parking and is just a ⅓ mile walk from the bustling shopping district on Broadway. The Springs at Saratoga This one caught us by surprise.  While looking up things to do in Saratoga Springs, we learned that there are 21 public, natural mineral springs with taps scattered around the town.  Andrew and I partook in 4 of them, and really that’s kind of all we needed.  The flavor […]

Saratoga Springs

Warhead Beer Flight
Unified Beerworks After our stop at Arrowood Farms, we made our way up towards Saratoga Springs Our next stop was Unified Beerworks in Malta, NY.  As with many breweries we’ve visited, especially those outside of cities, Unified is located in the heart of an industrial park; just follow the signs that say Beer!  Unified can be described as a well oiled machine in terms of covid safety.  Check in first, and then find a clearly marked “clean table” using the Green (and conversely Red) table markers. We found ourselves at two stools at the bar which is our preferred seating at most breweries; exceptions being breweries with great views or lively beer gardens. After ordering our mandatory Cuomo snacks, we our traditional flight of four. The Way of the Sword DIPA, Brass Knucked Ballerina NEIPA, Mostly Elemental Boysenberry gose, and Played Under Protest- Tropical Sour IPA. Surprising no one, my […]

On the way to Saratoga Springs

Arrowood Farms
A couple weeks ago we took a long awaited and much needed weekend beerventure up to Saratoga Springs and Albany. Because of covid we’ve been staying fairly local but with the weather warming up and both Andrew and I getting vaccinated we decided this was a good way to spend my birthday weekend. On the way up to Saratoga Springs, we decided to take a detour to Arrowood Farms in Accord, NY. Arrowood Farms is about half an hour outside of New Paltz, NY (Google took us a strange way so YMMV). Arrowood does have a downtown outpost in New Paltz if you don’t want to make the trip to Accord; but we do recommend going to the main farm location if you have time. The roads are scenic with the twists and turns throughout a mountain setting and we are betting that this trip would be amazing with fall […]

Arrowood Farms