Homebrew setup giveaway thanks to our friends at Brewferm!!!

Well, I told you there would be another giveaway and you probably didn’t expect it to be so soon.  This time around, we’re giving away a complete homebrew setup from Brewferm (Click here to visit this website). Yeah, we’re really excited for this one because you can win an entire years worth of homebrew! No, we’re not kidding so go enter now on our Instagram page (Here!).

What is Brewferm?

Brewferm is spreading Belgium’s wealth of knowledge in craft beer to the world. Direct from Belgium, we offer our very own homebrew mixes and brewing kits, with everything you need to produce the finest beers in the land, all in your own home.

A pharmacist by trade and homebrew enthusiast in his spare time, Frans Balis sold his own blends of yeasts and brewing recipes in the corner of his pharmacy. Word spread quickly, and after establishing the V.A.W., Belgium’s association of traditional vintners, winemakers and beer brewers, he began shipping his kits and recipes throughout the Benelux region. With the popularity of these products came the demand for vintner and brewing kits, a more diverse offering of recipes and mixes, specialized equipment, and guidance in the homebrewing arts.

What started in 1972 as a hobby has grown into Europe’s most highly specialized wholesaler of products for making your own beers. Brewferm is still a Belgian family-owned business today, and it has grown into a market-leader with a vision, a constantly expanding range of offerings, and strong brand loyalty in the homebrew market.



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