Goose Island
Chicago Breweries Pt. 1 There are tons of things to do in Chicago, like boat tours, eating tours, and of course brewery tours. With over 100 breweries on my planning map, I knew we would never be able to do the Chicago beer scene justice with our 3.5 day visit.  Consequently, please do not take our trip as any comprehensive list or favorite area breweries.  With so many breweries to choose from, our decisions were mostly based on factors of convenience.  For those of you wondering if we made any stops in Indiana, no, no we did not and I know we missed quite a few great stops.  Goose Island Beer Company We know, we know. AB Inbev = bad.  That is until BCBS is released every year and then everyone forgets about the ownership.  However, while in Chicago, Goose Island is a must visit location.  We visited the Clyburn […]

Chicago Breweries Pt. 1

Speciation Ales 1
Beer City, USA Grand Rapids (GR) Michigan is known as Beer City USA, and with 80 breweries in and surrounding the city, it’s a title well earned.  While you could easily spend a month in GR, we of course had to make our trip as abbreviated as possible – by flying into Chicago at 7 am and driving out to Michigan.  On our excursion to GR we hit 14 breweries based on input from the Instagram beer community.  So in no specific order, we present to you our Top 5 Breweries of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Speciation Artisan Ales & Native Species Winery If you’re looking for the extraordinary and are a fan of spontaneously fermented beers then Speciation is a stop you won’t want to miss.  Don’t let your GPS and eyes fool you, yes there is a brewery in the back and they are fermenting big things. The immaculately […]

The Top 5 Breweries of Grand Rapids