Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

Beer Enthusiasts, Not Snobs

The Genesee Brewery

If you’ve never Beerventured in Rochester, NY you’re missing out on several great breweries like The Genesee Brewery; which is one of the oldest and most well-known breweries in the United States.  Genesee was founded in 1878 by Mathius Kondolf, after he acquired the brewhouse from Charles Rau of Rau & Reisky Brewery.  After the acquisition, the small brewery located on the Genesee River quickly became popular for all the right reasons.  

In 1960, the world was introduced to The Genesee Cream Ale.  Right out of the gate, the extremely popular “Genny Cream” naturally became a gold medalist at the Great American Beer Festival later that year.  For those of you like Andrew who grew up in NY, this brew is the standard which all subsequent cream ales will be judged against.   

At 145 years strong, Genesee continues to reign successfully in NY.  In 2012, the massive production brewing facility was supplemented with a high caliber brewpub which is home to a 20 barrel R&D/small batch operation.  We highly recommend stopping at the Genesee Brew House to try their brewpub only brews ranging from Watermelon Pilsners to dry hopped Genny Creams.

We would like to thank Genesee for the delicious cans of Genny Cream, and the super cute lunch box!


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